Sunday, 24 August 2014

Holding Onto Summer - Triangl Bikini's & Underwear



So recently I was very kindly given the opportunity to select a bikini and underwear set from the brand Triangl. Now if you are unfamiliar with the brand they are an Australian based company that have taken over hundreds of Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Blog feeds with their gorgeous collection of Neoprene Bikinis and Micro Mesh Underwear sets! 

Now I am a girl who is not so 'body confident' so the thought of shopping for bikinis and underwear online without the safety net of trying the items on before hand and making sure that they are supportive and a good fit certainly took me out of my 'try before you buy' comfort zone...!

So onto the Bikini... After much deliberation I opted for the gorgeous Milly - Arizona Sunset. Now this immediately caught my eye when browsing through the website. The colour is absolutely beautiful and definitely one to compliment a tan. Also the shape appeared very flattering and supportive.

For the underwear I selected the Lucie - Champagne Coral. Now I know what you are thinking 'they are exactly the same' Yes they are very similar but I fell in love with the shape and couldn't resist the gorgeous coral colour - After all summer is very sadly almost over so I thought why not select the summeriest set to help cushion my soon to be summer blue's... I am a glutten for punishment!

Onto the fit, material and sizing... Now the sizing on the website isn't in the usual format of cup size, they in fact ask you to select from XS,S,M,L & XL (They have a very helpful sizing converter attached to the site that will help you select the correct fit for you) The sizing in my opinion runs very true to size, I am usually a 34C cup and a UK size 8-10 bottom and chose a size Medium. Both of the sets fit perfectly.

TIP - If you are a curvier girl like myself I would recommend either the Milly or Indy Style as they are both adjustable or alternatively if you are more on the petite side I would recommend either the Winnie or Dakota which are a little bit more snug.

One of my favourite things about the bikini is the supportive clip which is used to fasten it. It feels very secure and provides good support. Also it definitely eliminates any fears of the bikini slipping off when you're lounging in the sun or having a dip in the pool.

The material of the bikini is made out of Neoprene - Neoprene is the material used in wetsuits for it's thermal insulation. At first I was concerned that the material would be very stiff however it hugs the skin nicely and is definitely a good combat to hiding the little horror we all hate - cellulite!

The material of the Bra set is made out of double Micro Mesh. The bra is completely opaque and the bottoms are slightly sheer. Even though the set is made from mesh it still feels very sturdy and not as delicate as you'd imagine.

After wearing both sets I would most definitely recommend Triangl bikinis and underwear. I know that they are not the most affordable option at $89 US Dollars (that roughly converts to around £59 British Pounds) however in my opinion having a good fitting and excellent quality bikini and bra set is well worth the investment.

Let me know if you have tried out Triangl and what your thoughts are :)

Jade x

Disclaimer* These items were gifted to me from Triangl, however all opinions are my own. Basically I'm not telling you any fibs!


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