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Urban Decay - Pulp Fiction Collection

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Hello Everybody!

So the last couple of weeks have been super busy for me but also really exciting especially with the run up to London Fashion Week! - Are any of you guys going to any shows, if so let me know in the comments?! :)

So on to the actual topic... If you guys follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may or may not have seen that the lovely team at Urban Decay very kindly sent me their new limited edition Pulp Fiction collection.

Now let me start by saying that when the collection arrived in the post I was quite literally gobsmacked! (Be cool honey bunny, be cool) The collection consists of all of the tools needed to create the iconic 'Mrs Mia Wallace' look.

There are 5 products in total which are variations of Urban Decay's most sought after products:


Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette

The palette consists of five very versatile shades, three of which are never-before-seen and two current exclusives. The shades are Righteous which is a matte cream, Tyranny and Vengeance which are lovely taupe and brown shades which pair wonderfully as a either a contour or all over the lid colour and finally Furious - a white satin with slight shimmer and Anger a matte black.


Mrs Mia Wallace Revolution Lipstick

 This has definitely made me excited for Autumn! The lipstick is very sultry and sophisticated and has a very creamy consistency. The lasting power on this is incredible but can sometimes be problematic when trying to remove before bedtime!


Mrs Mia Wallace 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil
This matches the blood-red Lipstick in the collection perfectly however unlike the lipstick it is matte & waterproof. It effortlessly glides on to the lips and helps to prevent feathering - always a must have when wearing a red!


Gun Metal Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner
Now I know glitter isn't for everyone and can definitely be tricky to apply but glitter for me is a firm fav. The base of this is clear with silver and black sparkle and looks gorgeous when either applied to line the root of the eyelashes or applied across the entire lid to create a more dramatic look.


Mrs Mia Wallace Nail Colour
If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel you will most likely be well aware that I cant go five minutes without purchasing a nail polish. So when I saw that the collection included a nail colour well you can only imagine my excitement... (ridiculous I know) The colour is absolutely stunning and only takes two coats to be completely opaque. This will most definitely be making a few appearances over the Autumn/ Winter period.

All in all I love the collection, the quality as usual with Urban Decay is impeccable and the colours even though appear dark are very versatile for day/night looks. The collection in my opinion is a must have for Autumn and Winter - Which might I add I am so excited for!

The collection is available in stores now.

What do you guys think of the range?

Jade x

*Disclaimer - These products were very kindly gifted to me by Urban Decay however all opinions are my own! No fibs, pinky promise.


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