Sunday, 4 January 2015

My Current Favourite Statement Jewellery Picks!

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Hello Everyone :) I hope you are all doing well?

Today I fancied talking to you about my current favourite statement jewellery picks. When it comes to statement pieces I'm usually all about big glitzy necklaces but since we are in the middle of a freezing winter I've had to swap those beauties out for a warmer option - Scarves! 

If you know me you'll know that I love a good scarf but recently I've really missed the effect a statement jewellery piece adds to an outfit. So with that in mind I had a good old rummage through my jewellery box to find some alternative pieces that I could add into my winter wardrobe to spice things up a bit.

First up is rings; now I have to admit I did not initially find these in my jewellery stash, I actually spotted them on a recent shopping trip with my friends Natalie and Michelle. We were in Aldo trying to find winter boots when my friend Nat pointed out that they were doing a 2 for the price of 1 across all jewellery! So naturally my ears immediately pricked up and the rings came home with me :) 

All of the rings are very versatile and will be easy to transition through the different seasons. My favourite way to wear them has been to stack them but I also love the way they look individually. I should also point out that I didn't purchase the rings one by one they were in two separate packs and came to £7 for both, pure bargain!

Lastly is bracelets; I normally really struggle to find a bracelet that fits because my wrists are pretty small. But a few years ago my boyfriend and I were in Abercrombie and I spotted this gorgeous bow cuff (pictured above) and it fitted like a glove so I knew I couldn't pass it by. This is one of my all time favourite jewellery pieces. It's brassy colour makes it easy to pair with any outfit and adds the perfect hint of girliness. My favourite way to wear it has been over the top of chunky long sleeved jumpers. If you'd like to see more on how I like to style it I actually featured it in a recent 'Styling Smock Dresses' Lookbook over on my YouTube Channel:

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and let me know what your fav jewellery picks are :)

Jade x
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