Thursday, 23 April 2015

Review: Soap & Glory Pillow Plump XXL


Hello Everyone!

So if you've seen my latest beauty haul over on my YouTube channel you will know that I picked up a few new purchases from Soap & Glory; one of which was the new Pillow Plump Gloss in the shade 'Cherry Up' 

After reading through your lovely comments I noticed that a lot of you were asking for a review so tonight whilst I'm snuggled up in bed I thought I would do just that and give you my product break down! So here it is....

The shade - 
Extremely pigmented cherry Red with a hint of golden shimmer. 

Lasting Power & Texture -  
I would say that the lasting power is slightly above average as far as a gloss is concerned that is! Texture wise; moisturising & not too sticky :) 

Plumping Sensation - 
As we all know when it comes to a plumping gloss you've got to expect a little discomfort and this gloss is no exception! I'd give it a 7/10 on the sting scale!

Plumping effect? - 
In all honesty I didn't notice that it provided all that much of an immediate plumping effect which is slightly disappointing considering it's marketed to give you 'Big Lush Lips' However after reapplying several times throughout the same day I did notice that my lips looked ever so slightly fuller.

All in all I really like the lipgloss and would recommend it as a highly pigmented moisturising formula however if your in it for the plump sadly I don't think that this ones the XXL pout that it's set out to be. But that certainly hasn't put me off from picking up another couple of shades from the line; I'm already eyeing up 'Pink Well' which is a gorgeous peachy pink that I think would be perfect for everyday wear :)

Have you tried the Pillow Plump? If so let me know your thoughts :)

Jade x


  1. Hi jade, I've just tried it today and W.O.W. It tingles and feels amazing, the colour's great too.
    Would recommend in the cherry, it's lush.

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