Thursday, 4 June 2015

Review: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate


Mid last year the lovely team at Kiehl's reached out to me and very kindly sent me a couple of products to try out; one of which was this beaute. 

The product itself is an overnight treatment oil which claims to visibly restore the appearance of skin by the time that you wake up in the morning.

After exfoliating, cleansing & toning before bed time, I apply 4-5 drops of this into the palms of my hands and then gently massage the product onto my face and neck. Once I've left the product to soak in a bit I then hop into bed, fall asleep and let it work it's magic!

When I wake up in the morning 'feelin like P diddy' - Soz I couldn't not lol... My skin looks and feels so much better! It's hydrated, soft and glowing - which for someone who has very dry skin and usually has to apply two lots of moisturiser in the morning to stop their skin flaking throughout the day; it's a pretty big deal! (soz for the TMI on the whole flakey skin thing - it's gross I know)

Other than the dryness though I'm very fortunate with my skin, I don't really suffer with spots or redness etc. However a couple of months ago I started using another skin care product that really, really didn't agree with me and it broke me out in a bunch of huge and painful pesky spots; which is something that I'd never experienced before, even in my teenage years!

After rummaging around in my skincare stash to find something to treat them with I decided to whack on my Midnight recovery. I can honestly say that after one application my spots had calmed down and didn't feel half as sore.

After a few nights of applying the oil my spots had finally disappeared however I was annoyingly left with scaring grrr...! I kept applying the oil and after a month or so I had really noticed that the scaring had faded. Looking back I really wish I had taken before and after photo's so that you could see it for yourself but I just didn't think about it at the time *slaps self on the wrist!

Anyhoo in a nutshell I absolutely adore this product and I honestly couldn't be without it.

Have you tried Midnight Recovery - If so what are your thoughts?

Lots of love,
Jade x

*As stated above Kiehl's very kindly sent me this product, but I have not been asked to write this review or have I been paid to. All opinions are my own :)
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