Saturday, 22 August 2015

Review: Frank Body Scrub

Good evening everybod!

Hope you all had a lovely day sunning yourselves in the beautiful weather :) 

I spent the afternoon pottering around the shops looking for the last few holiday bits I needed to pick up before my trip to Florida - less than 2 weeks to go whoop! P.s. holiday shopping wasn't as exciting as it sounds, I ended up coughing up £15 on flight socks!! I repeat £15 on SOCKS... I know they are necessary for long haul flights but geewizz are they expensive! :/ 

Anyhoo enough about my sockies; this evening I fancied chatting to you beautes about a body scrub I've been LOVING - Frank Body coffee scrub. 

No matter the season I always think it important to keep my skin exfoliated and hydrated because lets face it no one likes scaly skin now do they? No sir! So to combat the scaleys I've been using the Frank Body Scrub for the past couple of weeks and I have to say it's one of the best products I've tried in a longgg time!

Now you are probably wondering what's so good about it then? So I've put together a little product break down; starting with the pro's...

Hydrate & Exfoliate? -
 I use the scrub about 1-2 times a week and the formula leaves my skin super soft and moisturised until the next application. In fact so moisturised that that my body butters have become somewhat redundant as of recent (buh-bye butterz) The texture is quite gritty so it does feel quite tough on the skin but certainly not painful and scratchy like those horrible exfoliating gloves OUCHY!

Ingredients - 
The ingredients are actually one of my favourite parts of the scrub as they are all completely natural and vegan friendly <3 It's made up of roasted ground robusta coffee blend, cold pressed almond oil, brown sugar and sea salt. All of which say that they help scrub away flakey skin, target imperfections, soothe and moisturise and finally cleanse and clarify :) 

Packaging -
Adorbs! The brown paper packaging with the pink accents is just too cute <3

Now for the not so greats...

Scent - 
I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of the smell... It kind of reminds me of when I used to work in a coffee shop when I was 15 and would go home smelling of stale coffee :/ Scents are obviously personal preference and to be honest after I use the scrub I whack on a load of body wash anyway so I don't really smell it when I hop out of the shower :)

Unfortunately it's quite a messy one as it's a dry scrub, not a solid/ liquidy type, so it does have a habit of flying all over the shower making you look like you've just got home from swimming in a muddy puddle... The least messy method I've found is to rinse yourself with warm water, turn the shower off and then put a small amount of the scrub in your hand and scrubba-dub-dub all over. I then wait about 5-10 minutes or until I'm freezing and then rinse myself and my messy shower tiles off.

Now it does claim to combat stretch marks - something of which I'm lucky to say I don't actually have (so far ) so I can't tell you whether or not it actually does that. It also says that it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite unfortunately this is something I do have (damn it) in all honesty I haven't really noticed all that much of an improvement but this could be because I haven't been using it for all that long and also because I'm partial to crisps and chocolate cake... I'll be sure to report back to you beautes if I do notice anything though :)

All in all I absolutely love the scrub and I will deffo be on the look out to try more from the Frank Body range :)

Have you tried Frank Body? If so what are your thoughts?

Jade x

*I very was kindly sent a #WeAreHot essentials pack crammed with summer goodies. Frank Body was included in the pack however I was not paid or asked to write this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. Pinky promise :) 


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Review: Urban Decay Naked Smoky

This week I was an extremely lucky girl and was very kindly sent the infamous Naked Smoky palette from the lovely team at Urban Decay.

Now let me just start by saying that before I got swept up into the world of YouTube and blogging I was already a HUGE fan of the UD Naked palettes! So much so that I practically begged my poor boyfriend to queue up outside Debehnams with me for over an hour each time a new one was released - soz boyfee :/

Anyway... when I heard that they were bringing out this beaute I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I've been using it for the past couple of days so I thought I would share my thoughts :)

Colour Selection
Amazing! The palette holds 4 matte neutral shades and the rest are all shimmers. I think the twelve shadows all compliment one another flawlessly to create the the perfect smoky eye look. 

Pigmentation, Blend & Wear - 
I haven't gotten around to using all of the shades as of yet however all of the ones that I have tried so far have been incredibly pigmented, super easy to blend and have lasted a really long amount of time on the lids with minimal fading and that's without a primer!

Packaging -
I have to say that the packaging is by far my favourite out of all of the Naked palettes. It feels super sturdy and looks lovely displayed on my vanity.

Value for Money? -
I'm not going to lie and say that £38 isn't a lot of money to part with, however these shadows are worth every penny in my opinion. Each shade is completely different allowing you to create multiple looks whether it be for a night out with the girls, a date or even a natural everyday look. Also when you think about it each shade comes to just over £3 which is a fraction of the cost if you were to purchase the shades individually!

All in all I absolutely love the palette and I can't wait to start experimenting with the colours and different looks  :) 

I'm actually planning on filming a make up tutorial using the palette on my YouTube Channel over the next couple of weeks so if you'd like to see that make sure to keep an eye out!

Anyhoo I hope you lovelies enjoyed this little post and let me know what your favourite colours are from the palette?! - Mine are Smolder, Combust & High :)

Lots of love
Jade x

*Disclaimer - This palette was very kindly sent to my by Urban Decay however I have not been asked to write this post or paid to. All opinions are honest and my own - Pinky promise :)

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Kiko Summer Sale Haul

If you follow me on Twitter you may already know that I popped into Brighton today to have a nosy about the shops and to grab a cheeky ice cream on the beach since the weather was so lovely :)

Anyhoo before I headed down to the beach I decided I'd quickly nip into Churchill Square to take advantage of the Kiko Summer sale! Now I've never actually tried any Kiko products before so I have no idea how good they are, but a few of the girls at work rave about them so I thought what the heck I'll give them a go! So here's a quick run down of everything that I got.

Colour Veil Blush in shade 01 - £5
Power Pro Nail Polishes in shade 10 & 23 - £4.90 each
Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in shade 06 - £6.90
Smart Eye Pencil in shade 800 - £2.50

Since I only picked the products up this afternoon I don't really have too much to say about them, other than I am super excited to try them and the eye liner and shadow sticks felt super creamy when I swatched them! I'll be sure to do a review post over the next few weeks though once I've given everything a proper go :)

Anyways I hope you beautes had a lovely Sunday and enjoyed the beautiful weather as much as I did <3

Lots of love,
Jade x

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