Sunday, 27 September 2015

My First Cake Bake!

 Like the majority of the UK I've become utterly sucked in by the Great British Bake Off. So much so that today I decided to take the plunge and bake a cake for the first time ever!

Now I know you're probably thinking how is it that I'm in my twenties and I've only just done this? Well to be totally truthful I thought exactly the same! 

It sounds ridiculous but I've always felt a little nervous when it came to the idea of baking. When I was a kid it would always be something that my Mum and little Sister did together, so I guess I just kind of thought that type of thing wasn't really for me and that I would be a much better cake taster than baker ;) However after watching a few weeks of GBBO and reading a couple of Mary Berry's recipes I thought what the heck I'll give it a go!

So the cake... I decided to try my hand at a Victoria Sponge because they are one of my fav's and I'd read that they are pretty simple for beginners.

The recipe I used was super easy to follow and I actually found it on the BBC website written by the lovely Mary Berry herself (If you'd like to give it a go the click HERE to be taken to the site)

I thought since it was my first cake I would just stick to showing you the snaps I took whilst I was making it because it would be silly to give you a step by step guide when I merely just followed the above recipe and it would be mean to take credit for something I didn't write myself! 

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed baking it. It was so much fun to try something different and get creative - it also actually tasted really scrummy (if i do say so myself) My lovely Grandma & Dad came over for an afternoon of board games and both scoffed 2 slices each!

I know you may be reading this and thinking this is a bit of a pointless post but I kind of want to change my blog to be somewhat of an online diary where I can document little bits and bobs of my day to day life and share stories with you lovelies of what I've been up to :)

I hope you've all had a lovely Sunday and let me know in the comments if you've been watching GBBO and if so who do you want to win?

Lots of love
Jade xxx

Saturday, 26 September 2015

New MAC Lipstick Purchase

Good evening everybod!

I've been having a little bit of bad luck over the past week or so - to give you an idea here's a lil run down p.s. you may wanna grab your mini violin; boyfee ended up in A&E and had to have emergency surgery to have his appendix removed, I got a flat tire going through the ASDA car park which meant I had to wait an hour for the RAC to pop on a spare so that I could drive it to Halfords to get a new one and THEN the flipping mechanic left black oil marks all over my cream seats!! Which meant I then had to pay out to have my seats shampoo'd :( I still feel jet lagged and to top it off I have two huge spots on my chin! 

Soooooo I felt like I deserved a little treat *squishy face* so I cracked out the beaut that is Velvet Teddy that I promised myself I wouldn't open because I was saving it for my Florida haul (that I'm yet to film) over on my YouTube Channel - Naughty me!

Today is the first day that I've worn it and I've loved it :) The shade is a warm 90's brown with a matte finish. It feels hydrating and creamy on the lips and has lasted well throughout today with minimal fading and touch ups! I'm so excited to wear it over the next few months and I definitely think it's going to become a Autumn/ Winter staple for me <3

Anyhooo sorry for the waffley moan at the start and the very short postie :/ I just fancied chatting to you beautes and well any chance to discuss lippy ;) I hope you lovelies are doing well and let me know if you've purchased any new MAC lipsticks recently?

Lots of love
Jade x

Monday, 21 September 2015

Fleur DeForce Beauty & Event!

Hello Everybod <3

Last Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party of Fleur DeForce Beauty! 

So I thought I would share with you what I got up to whilst I was there and let you have a rummage through the exciting goodie bag :) but before I get onto that, lets talk about the event.

Soooo the event was held in the gorgeous pool room of the Haymarket Hotel in London. The room was dressed beautifully in true Fleur style and was filled with a mix of YouTuber's, Bloggers and the lovely team at who hosted the event.

Whilst I was there I met up with the Lovely Faye from Fayesfix & Meg from MegsBoutique; who are honestly the loveliest girls ever! Together Faye and I checked out the new collection, took selfies and chatted with lots of other bloggers/YouTubers. We also managed to grab 5 minutes with lovely Fleur who was so super sweet and absolutely stunning might I add! I have a little Insta pic of us below which is sadly pretty bad quality :/ but I love it all the same <3

I had SO much fun at the event and actually vlogged what I got up to so if you would like to watch it click HERE to be taken to the video :)

Anyhoo at the end of the event the team at were handing out possibly one of the cutest goodie bags I've ever seen so I thought I would let you beautes have a nosey!

FDF Makeup Bag
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how flaming cute this is?! The water colour pattern, rose gold zipper and little stars - I'm in love! It feels really good quality too and is the perfect size to pop your on the go makeup into.

Eylure Lashes 'Fleur & Fabulous' - 
I'm not normally one for false lashes - mainly because I'm so crap at applying them :/ however these look so full and fabulous that I'm really excited to give them a go!

FDF Eyeshadow Quad 'Lunar Rose' -  
I haven't gotten around to using this yet however I gave the shadows a little swatch and they are SO pigmented and feel really velvety. The colour selection is gorgeous and I think they will look lovely for everyday wear or in the evening time <3

FDF Lip glosses 'Little Star' & 'Lucky Star' - 
Now I haven't gotten around to trying these out either - I've been having quite a few makeup free days! However from swatching they feel really creamy, super pigmented and they smell like sweet vanilla which is one of my all time fav scents :) They were also super hard to wash off so I have a suspicion that they're going to be pretty long lasting whoop whoop!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the team at and Fleur for hosting such a gorgeous event, it was the best fun I'd had in a long time and it was so exciting to see the new collection :) I can't wait to play around with all of the products and do a proper review or FOTD post!

Anyway I best be off, I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this little post <3

Lots of love
Jade xxx
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